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Steve Stafford

Thanks for checking out!  My name is Steve Stafford and I count it a privilege to serve and support my clients in their leadership journey and unlocking the power of their teams.   ​ 

Throughout my  career of 25+ years in executive level leadership positions I have been blessed to serve on some truly high-performing teams!  For some of those teams I was the leader, and for others I was a valued team member.  However, as I'm sure you can relate, I've also worked in organizations that had some underperforming teams and ineffective leaders.  

My curiosity and interest in leadership has always had me asking, "What is the key to creating high performing teams?".  Often times the core answer is a leader who demonstrates humility and fights for the highest possible good for the people they serve! There is also great professional and personal fulfillment in multiplying great leaders.

If you desire to take your leadership to the next level and be a leader that people truly want to follow, reach out and let's start a dialogue on how we can work together on your leadership journey!

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